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FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 7:00am PST
with media personnel coming in. and oon driving in this morning, a sleepy town in connecticut, a brisk cool, like we saw yesterday. there's really no one on the streets, one lone jogger and the rest, again, journalists trying to gather information for everyone in this country that has so many questions about what transpired yesterday. now, we've heard there's going to be a press conference shortly and waiting on that for about two hours and i can see the microphones, about 50 feet away from me so we'll bring our viewers there when we get the latest information from officials. we were able to speak with one woman who was inside the elementary school, just a few moments ago. her name, mary anne jacobs and she's a school library clerk and you're going to see her on the screen there and that's her husband she was hugging after speaking to journalists. mary anne's stories, yesterday she was with 18 fourth graders in the libraries and she heard a noise over the inters come, and rumblings and do you know if your intercom is on. and the secretary said there's a shooting. and she says that secretary
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am PST
was an heirloom. and the pain still unbearable in newtown, connecticut. three more victims of friday's deadly school shooting massacre are being laid to rest today. emilie parker, josephine gay and ana mari mar kwez-greene. i'm kelly wright, back to bulls and bear, for the all the latest headlines go to uncle sam now on youtube. no, it's not a hoax like the latest youtube video going viral, but it just may have taxpayers going viral. the new online tutorial showing americans how to customize government benefits to suit you. >> to begin the benefit finder you must first answer the nine core questions essential to narrowing your results. remember, the more questions you answer, the more likely you are to be eligible for the benefits that appear on your benefit results list. we hope this tutorial has helped you on your path to government benefits. >> so, point, click and pick your benefits. gary b, is this what the nation needs? >> absolutely not, brenda. in fact the opposite. and the whole concept, i think, is scary. i went through and did the tutorial and answered the nine questio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2